Leyland St James' C of E Primary School

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24th July 17

Leyland St James’ Church of England Primary School - Current inspection grade: Outstanding

"The distinctiveness and effectiveness of Leyland St James’ as a Church of England school are outstanding."

"The children are happy and feel very safe."

"Leyland St James’ is an inclusive place of learning which reflects the school’s mission statement … ‘A Christian family where everyone is valued, children achieve and the future begins.’"

Ofsted Report October 2014


"This is a good school."

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Headteacher's Welcome


Leyland St. James' CE (Aided) Primary School is a place of love and a place of learning. It is our aim  to have resilient learners, who take risks and solve problems in a distinctly Christian, nurturing and highly inclusive environment. St. James' school is all about driving learning forward. Adults in our school engage children.  It is our fervent belief that our children are 'candles to be lit not vessels to be filled.'  Learning at St. James is based on knowing where our children are currently at and knowing where we aspire them to be. The learning stems from what interests the children. The learning is based on the mastery of skills and, as a result, performance is always strong.

St. James' is a place where everyone, including the children, are considered risk takers.  Here, outdoor learning is key. We do build dens and shelters, we do climb trees, we do light fires and we do use bow saws. If our children are confident risk takers outdoors then they will be confident risk takers in all learning situations.  

At St. James', all our children are fully nurtured.  They are cared for and loved.  We also offer this service for vulnerable children in other establishments too, supporting successful transitions into a variety of schools.

I hope you will visit us at St. James' and let our children delight and inspire you.

Lilian Taylor-Bell

Information for Parents


Any policy relating to your child, including risk assessments, child protection, complaints procedures and anti-bullying, is available on request or on line at the school web site – here


Non-confidential minutes for all governor meetings are available through written request to the Chair of Governors, via the school office.